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that should be off the table. >> bill: isn't it interesting when president obama did identify $716 billion in fraudulent billing on the part of insurance companies and cut that out that they accused him of cutting benefits in medicare. >> well because what benefits were they concerned about. the benefits to big businesses. >> bill: exactly. congresswoman karen bass in studio with us. we'll welcome your calls and comments at 1-866-55-press. the "full court press" continues in just a minute. >> announcer: heard around the country and seen on current tv, this is the "bill press show." these talking points, that the right have, about the "heavy hand of government" ... i want to have that conversation. let's talk about it. really? you're going to lay people off because now the government is going to help you fund your healthcare. really? i want to have those conversations, not to be confrontational, but to understand what the other side is saying, and i'd like to arm our viewers with the ability to argue with their conservative uncle joe over the dinn
during the obama campaign, i was on an e-mail list. bill woods in these notes housing barack obama is a bigger china basher than mitt romney. mitt romney is not a real genuine chinese basher but we are. no one is talking but china now but it was a real red meat issue during the debate. does everyone remember talking about china? it's disappeared. as you raised it and i want to come back to something that michel's initiative and to think about the harvard business school, was it hard talk about china? we're talking 1 billion people coming online. we were at a dinner the other night with the bono which was the opening performer for us the night before, the ceo of the bankamerica and we got a discussion about china. and bono said, if we're not careful china will annex the continent of africa. that there's so much deep investment, they have so much concern, so much strategic interests across the way, and america is largely absent. which brings back these questions, we get this stuff right, is this directed just at making us feel good, or do you gain ground in a competitive environment
in the fire today. >>> president obama made a public plea to congress to pass a bill that will head off the looming fiscal cliff. >> i've got a pen. i'm ready to sign it. >> surrounded by middle income americans, mr. obama warned that if the bush tax cuts are allowed to expire january 1, every taxpayer would pay more next year. the president said that would cost a typical middle class family of four an extra $2200. >> that means less money for buying groceries, less money for filling prescriptions, less money for buying diapers. >> this morning republican house speaker john boehner said his colleagues are willing to discuss new tax revenues but only if democrats agree to new spending cuts. >>> a bay area national guard crew just headed out on a rescue mission. >> steve paulson is back with more on when today's rain will end. he says there are bigger storms ahead. >> it was really close to their backs. if that was higher, i think it would -- >> you will hear more from a terrified south bay resident after bullets were fired into her room with small children inside. on your prepaid card? i
by ambassador rice and president obama 3 weeks before an election. bill: that was behind sa -- that was lindsey graham. you are on the record saying you will not support her if she is nominated for secretary of state. but not just because of libya. what is the problem. >> let me clarify that. my first thought is what if susan rice was thrown under the bus and they all knew she didn't have the information from the cia. then i thought you would have to feel sorry for her. since yesterday talking to some of those to whom she talked i'm convinced in my mind that she is part of the coverup, she knew all the time the cia information that was given to her. but your point is very good. i could not support her in the secretary of state if she is nominated. bill: give me a reason why. >> she is on the wrong side of the membership of the u.n. palestinian authority. she is on the opposite side of where i am. she has kept on funding you necessary cowhich is in violation of instructions given to her through law. she is on the opposite side of every issue that i am. for that reason i would have opposed her an
. >> sorry, bill. the cold truth is president obama has improved the economy. america has reelected the president who brought the economy back from collapse. let's take a look at some numbers. because unlike republicans, they don't lie. 247 million shoppers visited stores this black friday weekend. they spent an estimated $59 billion over the four-day period. sales up over 12% from last year. the housing market is looking pretty good these days. average home prices rose for the sixth consecutive month. home prices are up 3% from this time last year. we have seen 32 months of job growth and finally, here's a whopper, consumer confidence index is at a what? four-year high? how could that be? it rose to 73.7, the highest level since february of 2008. president obama is always the first one to say there's a lot more we can do on the economy if they pass the jobs bill, but republicans have been dead wrong about the economy all along. the lies about the economy didn't pay off. and the american people are leaving the republican party behind. i would say that @ republicans are just in a rea
to file a permit application and we have every hope and expectation that will be granted. >> bill: what else is going on? >> well, we had just to stick with illinois, it was about 25 years ago on daley plaza. a permit was allowed for a man president obama put up a nativity in the plaza, in chicago. somebody got to him and after he put it up, a mob of officials came down from dahlly plaza and tried to dismantle it. >> arthel: that's a good federal holiday image. >> it didn't play well. people called up and came to protect -- cradle the figure of baby jesus. >> bill: this is what i mean. >> colleague ran into court and got an injunction that since you had political speech on daley plaza, you can not discriminate. >> bill: i think maybe rahm emanuel might want to do is have a chicago christmas holiday card from chicago with a bunch of aldermen with crowbars and the baby jesus being beaten. that might be good. [ laughter ] >> i'm hoping we got beyond that point. i've lost my ear piece. >> bill: that's okay 'cause i'm going to go back to -- doreen, what i want to do is encourage everyone acr
with an interim senator and they squeaked the health reform bill through with zero republican votes and president obama signed it into law and now everybody calls it obama care. even the democrats call it obama care and they mean that in a good way. but then in the meantime, there was the small matter of the special election to elect somebody to take over the full remaining portion of senator kennedy's term. it was a strange election to permanently fill ted kennedy's seat. there was one race on the ballot. the turnout was very low. it took place amid-a right wing backlash to the democrats passing health reform. tea party money and republican money from all over the country poured into the state of massachusetts and this unknown guy who happened to be a republican won that special election in january 2010. the next time massachusetts got a chance to reconsider that vote for scott brown was two and a half years later, and in that election, massachusetts frankly ree investigatored to form and picked the democrat. they picked elizabeth warren to oust scott brown from that senate seat he held for less
obama says quote-too import for washington to screw this up about what they do? bill harris, the ceo of into it and paypal tells us how to protect yourself before the year ends. liz: the ceo and president of the national federation of independent business, read smaller business. his pleas to congress to lower tax rates on business income, you hear about the big ceo writing letters to congress and the president, his group wrote a letter and are ready to make noise. we will tell you what drove the market in today's data download. stocks rebounded after falling triple digits in the first hour of trade, hints of a potential debt deal end, more quantitative easing, pushed all the way into the green. the wall street journal about 21 minutes ago running a story about the federal reserve, q e 4 will be announced december 12th. the dow, andy and nasdaq end trading day near session highs. all ten sectors higher for the first time in two months. consumer discretionary and energy were the top performers. you helped crude oil falling for the third straight day dropping to its lowest level in a we
have transparency and the reason it is particular fun is that obama promised he would do obamacare in front of c-span and didn't and said he would. and nancy pelosi, boehner and the president that bills would be online for a readable time. needs to be seven days. >> we are on c-span. we're online. and i want to be clear about this. you're not against new revenue? >> i'm certainly for new revenue for economic growth and to give you two numbers to set the stage. this is important. grow at 4% rather than 2%. reagan percentages rather than french or obama percentages, 4% rather than 2% for one decade that would net $5 trillion in additional revenue and pay down the debt obama ran up and pay down in a decade from stronger growth. you don't get stronger growth by raising taxes, but less growth. raising taxes doesn't give you the revenue but growth gives you the revenue. i'm in favor of real growth not imaginary revenue. >> the flip side of the tom cole argument, if you don't agree to a small tax hike now, tax hike, there will be a much bigger tax hike to take place which would be everyon
do you evaluate the leverage we're looking at here? president obama has leverage with a fiscal cliff, if they get to that point, all the tax rates go up and what he's doing is just offering a bill that would reduce the tax rates on most people. john boehner thinks he has leverage with the debt ceiling. how do you evaluate these two pieces of leverage? >> lawrence, the point that is missing from a lot of these games of chicken and scenarios is that we had an election and it was pretty clear. the democrats won. obama is back in. and one of the clearest issues in that election was that taxes should be raised and raised on the rich. that gives the president even more leverage. i think the president has enormous leverage. if we do go over the cliff in terms of tacks? we go back to the clinton tax rates, which as i remember it, were not so onerous. they certainly were pretty good in terms of the economy. the economy did not suffer. the economy did much better under clinton than bush. i don't think at least on the tax side, going over the cliff is that big of a deal. it's not really a cliff
. kay bailey hutchison and jon kyl introduced the bill they call the achieve act. unlike the act, this bill does not guarantee a path to citizenship. >>> at the white house, mexico's president-elect backed president obama's plans to push for immigration reform. vice president biden will lead a u.s. delegation to the inauguration on saturday, a trip president obama admits he envies. >> any excuse to go to mexico i'm always game. in fact, i'm jealous of joe biden. >> secretary of state hillary clinton, meantime, who is expected to step down in the months ahead, is reflecting back on the last four years. who has impacted her more than anyone else she's met over hundreds of thousands of miles on the road? >> well, i've met a lot of really extraordinary people. i've been very fortunate to do that over the course of my life. but if i have to pick only one, for all the reasons that are well-known publicly and all the lessons that i learned from him personally, it would be nelson mandela. >> former senate majority leader bob dole is expected to be released from walter reed medical center
] >> appreciate it. >> that was president obama at the white house speaking about the bush-era tax cuts. he reiterated he has a pen and ready to sign a bill to extend the bill for middle class. joining us is sasha isenberg. there we have a picture of you. before i go to you, i want to bring this into our panel in new york for one quick second. governor rendell we were speaking during the break -- not during the break, over the president and saying to each other, this is -- >> we were listening. >> we're multitaskers. this playbook is dog erred. we have seen this tactic before and it was the same strategy the president used during the payroll tax cut down to the use of, you know, facebook pleas, the twitter hash tag i have a pen. >> the only thing that's new is a #my2k. >> it worked last time. >> it's what executives and politics who have the bully pulpit who can garner media attention can do and it's a very effective device. people are going to -- the congressmen are going to hear from a lot of their constituents saying why are you holding this up? this makes sense. everybody agrees. of cou
, who's innocent? we decide here on the "young turks." also, the man who created pulp fiction, kill bill, inglorious bass starteds on the set today. and republican on republican crime, elbow of the day. go time. [ ♪ theme ♪ ] >> cenk: david pluck is one of the to which advisers for president obama. he's talking about what they're going to do in regards to the grand bargain and he says some things that are very, very interesting, revealing exactly what we had feared was going on inside the obama administration. first, let's start with his framing of the issue. >> democrats are also going to have to step up here and do some tough things, and the notion that somehow these deficits and our debt are not a threat to our national security and economic future is something i could not disagree with more strongly. there are some commentators on the left that suggest that. >> cenk: it's threat to national security. look, i want to balance the budget, right, but it's not a threat to national security. if oh, my god what if the interest rates go up, but they're at record lows. this is just fear m
, no way, no how. >> well, i think that president obama definitely has the upper hand in the situation. you have people coming out and saying we don't have on a this anti-tax pledge with grover norquist, a senior republicans, people like bill kristol you have 12 new house members coming in who refused to sign the pledge. so you start seeing that and it gives the president much stronger leverage to get what he wants. and i think that if the republicans don't come around on and we end up going off the cliff there will get blamed for it. gerri: what do you say? >> i say let's take a look and what happened in november. our government gave the people of america gave the government to the status quo. we are back to where we started in septmber. the president has a huge do over, and it is his obligation to leave history this. republicans have said we are willing to talk about revenue, but democrats have to be serious on spending. so this idea that anne has the upper hand is exactly why a deal is not been done. the deal as on the teeseven deal is only as good a it is for both parties. the agreement
with a very large stimulus bill that was passed in the first few weeks of president obama's administration. those deficits, in excess of $1 trillion of gdp in the first year, easily twice or three times what the deficits were during the bush administration. if you go back and listen to the rhetoric in the bush administration from democrats when the deficits were $200 million or $300 million per year. -- per year, you would think they were trillions. we have a fiscal problem today aat will be followed upo by larger and more serious long- term challenges we face with the fiscal cliff in regard to social security and medicare. with regard to the question about never having tax cuts during the bush years, first, i do not think the war or 9/11 were anticipated by anyone when the tax cuts were pursued in the beginning of the bush administration. if you look at the votes that were cast in the house of representatives, the original bush tax cuts were passed off the floor of the house in small pieces. different elements were passed as individual bills, and there was tremendous bipartisan support fo
in the second term for president obama? >> most important thing is president obama to put the best people he can find. you know, we like in the united states named people. bill clinton is so high and there's been some people joking, isn't there a role for bill clinton? could he be ambassador to the united nations? i know that seems quite far-fetched but other ex-presidents became u.s. senators. it's not out of reach. bloomberg who has bold ideas on the economy, i doubt he would want something but all i'm suggesting is you don't always want to get people from the bureacracy. sometimes you want to people the best people in the country for that post. lincoln did that with the famous team of rivals idea. >> douglas, just to be the fly on a wall at the white house. the president is going to host mitt romney for a private lunch. how important, how significant is that, even if it's symbolic, that you have these two rivals having lunch together at the white house? >> extremely important. it's the right thing to do. it's going to be a good photo-op for obama and romney together. remember in 1960, kennedy
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)

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